Part of our belief in achieving the best clarity of execution we can get on site is tied to the understanding that having good shop dwgs is essential to the process. If you can’t see it in your mind and then commit it to “paper” there is a good chance problems will creep into the process. We are committed to having good plans and good dwgs and encourage our leaders to develop their drawing skills. All of our superintendents have a good working grasp of Bluebeam and all participate in communicating our processes utilizing the enormous power that that software can bring to the table. RFI’s are communicated through sketches taken out of the body of drawings and there is nothing more clear and  direct than a sketch of the particular situation in question along with suggestions as to possible resolutions.

We also tend to put most of our work through a shop drawing process which at first might seem tedious but usually pays off big when even the simpler things are drawn out and given to the less experienced in the field. Many of our clients and consultants that we work with really appreciate this level of communication as it gives them confidence that a thorough understanding of the process is happening in the field.

We also can help clients with conceptualization drawings and other aspects of their process that require drawings