Contech was founded by Hal Andrews who was an honours graduate of Civil and Structural Engineering at BCIT as well as a journeyman carpenter. After graduating  in the later 80’s he managed to get a job in a Engineering office but realized quickly that his passion was not in the rather dry world of theoretical design but was geared towards the actual building of structures. This led him on to start Contech and through many iterations brought us to the highly functioning, versatile firm we have today. As in our company logo the fundamental principle that we strive for is clarity in our process. This can be broken down into 2 basic areas. Clarity in the field with what we are building and clarity in our communications. They each interact with one another and clear communication, whether written on in drawing form, will support and assist with good clean construction sequences that are built right the first time in the field.

All of our superintendents have a good working grasp of Bluebeam and all participate in communicating our processes utilizing the enormous power that that software can bring to the table. RFI’s are communicated through sketches taken out of the body of drawings and there is nothing more clear and  direct than a sketch of the situation along with suggestions as to possible resolutions.

We also tend to put most of our work through a shop drawing process which at first might seem tedious but usually pays off big when even the simpler things are drawn out and  given to the less experienced in the field. Always looking for a challenge and projects that require a more refined depth of understanding and approach, we are here ready to take on your project that needs this type of due care and attention.

Company Ethos

Inclusivity of our people and our process and clarity of execution are at the core of the values and operating principles that we use to set the tone for the company’s overall operations.

With our people we try to create an environment where everyone is considered and a sense of mentorship is fostered to assist everyone at their own level to grow and take on new things. This is no easy task in this modern world where many forces are diminishing the overall potency of our trade.

With our projects it is essential that we do our utmost to assure that the project has been conceived well and any fine tuning required of details are recognized and dealt with as soon as possible before construction starts. This can range from pages of mark ups and suggestions to a few RFI’s depending on the project how it has been conceived. By getting clear on the details and making sure they work the first time we add value not only to our own process but to our clients as well as fellow trades. By reducing project down time and fostering a dedicated team spirit a win – win situation is offered to all of the participants.